3 Ways to Make Your Labor Day Meaningful



Labor Day is coming up and plans for barbecuing, last minute summer vacations and pool parties are being made. It is important to remember though that Labor Day signifies more than just summer coming to a close. This year, do these three simple things and make your Labor Day meaningful.



laborday3Know the Origin

Labor Day actually originated from one of the most overlooked and misunderstood parts of American history. In the 1880’s when people commonly worked 12 hour days the first Labor Day rally took place in 1882 in support of the 8 hour work day. Today children don’t learn much about child labor, excessive work and the oppressed economy that came from it. But it is important to be educated and know that the labor activists were the ones who won better working conditions and made the way for the rise of the middle class.


Labor-Day-Quotes-4Celebrate American Workers

Make sure that you are actually recognizing, supporting and celebrating American labor. Have your child write a quick thank you to a teacher or laborer that works extra hard. We should all be thankful for each and every worker, citizen and person that keeps the country’s economy running strong.



labordayfamilySurround Yourself with Family and Friends

Lastly, a Labor Day spent with friends or family is always more special. This year step out of your comfort zone and invite some company over. Take advantage of this break from work, plan a get together and make some memories.

Don’t just view Labor Day as cause for another meaningless 3 day weekend but instead, this year, embrace Labor Day in a way that will make it special and significant.