7 Ways to Become More of a Morning Person

not a morning person

Its 6 AM on Monday morning and your alarm clock is yelling at you to get up. Groaning, you roll over, hit the snooze button and fall back asleep for a precious nine minutes before it bleeps at you again.

Most of us shudder when thinking of early mornings, but what we don’t realize is that more often than not it’s our bad habits that make our morning so hard. By making some easy changes to your routine and following these simple steps, you will be well on your way to calling yourself a morning person.



snooze loose

DO NOT hit snooze

Did you know that hitting snooze in the morning is one of the worst things you can do to yourself when you are trying to wake up?  Hitting snooze and sinking back into unconsciousness will cause sleep inertia and result in a more groggy morning than if you would have gotten up the first time you were pulled out of sleep. Do whatever you can to resist tapping the snooze option. Grab your phone and go right to your email or something that will force your eyes to move and your brain to work. Try putting your alarm clock across the room and reward yourself with a muffin, extra cup of coffee or treat when you successfully get up without hitting snooze.

morningsGive yourself something to look forward to

Everyone has those mornings where it’s easy to pop out of bed wide eyed and excited for what the day has to hold because of something exciting happening that day. You may not be able to duplicate those kinds of experiences exactly, but you can mimic this experience on a smaller scale by giving you something to look forward to after you get out of bed. Whether it’s a yummy breakfast, an episode of your favorite sitcom or something fun you have planned later in the day, try to create even the smallest positive thing for yourself and focus your morning energy around that.

water wide Drink a full glass of water. 

Drinking a full glass of water in the morning before leaving your home is   vital not only for your health, but also to rejuvenate your body. After 6-9 hours of sleep your body is extremely dehydrated and until you get some water in your system, the fatigue that results from dehydration will not go away.



healthy-breakfast-food-ideasDO NOT Skip Breakfast

Believe it or not, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It is crucial that you make time in your morning routine to eat something. The morning is when your metabolism and blood sugar are at its lowest, which makes eating breakfast extremely important to not only energize you but to remind your body to start digesting and working after hours on idle mode.


morning musicMake a morning music mix

Rolling out of bed and putting on some of your favorite music will certainly make any morning easier. Whether it’s a slow mix or an upbeat one, making a morning playlist is a great way to wake up and sing your way to a happier morning.




morning workoutExercise

The last thing anyone wants to do when they drag themselves out of the bed in the morning is to exercise. However, exercising releases endorphin’s which will lift your spirits and make your morning much more energized. Start small by doing a simple body weight circuit before a shower or some core as you watch the morning news. Whether you jog a mile, do an exercise DVD or create your own workout, any sort of physical activity will leave you feeling accomplished and much more ready to face the day.


amerisleep-sleep-clockGet a Proper Amount of Sleep

Perhaps the reason you can’t seem to wake up and get out of bed when 6 AM rolls around is because you fell asleep only 5 or 6 hours ago. As silly as it sounds it is really important that even adults set a bed time. Usually there is an hour in most adults evening routines that they could be using to sleep instead. Whether it’s cutting down Netflix time by an hour or not getting on Pinterest right before bed, make an effort to get to bed as early as is needed to get the recommended 7 hours a night. You may find it’s much easier to be a morning person when you have been sleeping for more than 5 hours.