Employee Spotlight: Dennis


D998638_491865130904116_1909770204_nOur construction coordinator Dennis Weddle is a frequent drag racer and a good one at that! He races his 67 Nova Super Sport every single weekend at the Woodburn Drag Strip. In September, he took his dragster all the way to Boise, Ida. to race at the Summit Racing ET Finals and his team from the Woodburn Dragstrip won the championship!

Dennis and his wife have been racing dragsters consistently since 1978.

“We just went to the track one day and got hooked, and we have been doing it ever since.”

Every week Dennis flies down the strip for about 8 seconds at 150 miles per hour! He covers nearly a third of a mile in the amount of time it would take us to walk to the other side of the room. His old car (pictured below on the right) could go even faster and get up to speeds of 180 mph.  So it’s no wonder that the adrenaline of that kind of speed is his favorite part about racing.

Aside from the thrill, another one of his MX-4141N_20150811_162034-page-001favorite parts is the community that he has gotten to be a part of as a result.

“You make so many friends; we have a lot of friends out there that we have known since the 70’s. And you keep making new friends every week because with the racing rotation you just keep meeting new people.”

“It really is just a lot of fun, it keeps us out of trouble.”

Click here to watch Dennis race his car at the Woodburn Dragstrip!