New Year’s Resolutions: Will you be one of the few?

NsuccessIt’s that time of year again! With a new year approaching almost half of the American people are going to make New Year’s Resolutions and attempt to change themselves for the better. Losing weight, getting organized, spending less, enjoying life to the fullest and staying fit are the 5 most popular goals people all over the nation will set.

Unfortunately, 25% of those who make resolutions will give up after only 7 days, and almost 40% will give up after a month. In fact, according to a study done by Scranton University, only 8% of Americans will actually achieve their New Year resolutions.

So how do you set goals and actually become one of the few Americans who achieve them? Follow these 4 simple steps!


NresolutionsKeep it Simple

As tempting as it is to make a huge bucket list for the year or set 10 big resolutions, the people who achieve their goals usually only make one or two. It’s way easier to focus your mind and energy on effectively achieving one goal. A large list is usually tends to be overwhelming and leads to frustration resulting in you eventually ignoring the list altogether.
NHow-To-Achieve-Unrealistic-Goals-e1412572704404Make it Tangible and Specific

Do not set a goal you know you will never be able to achieve. This will just cause discouragement and probably lead to you giving up. Resolutions should be challenging but they also need to be realistic. And, it is extremely important that they are specific. Instead of saying “I want to stay fit this year,” say “I am going to follow this specific workout plan” or “I am going to cut dessert out of my diet 5 days a week.” Realistic and specific resolutions are key if you want to really want to achieve them.



NgoalsMake it Obvious

People often keep their resolutions and goals privately in a journal they only open every once in awhile. If you really want to achieve what you set your mind to you must put your goal where you can see it every day. You must also share it and make it obvious to your friends and family who can hold you accountable. Try writing a weekly blog about what progress you made towards your goal or have a resolution buddy who can regularly check in on you.



NdownloadKeep Believing You Can Do It

There is a reason only a measly 8% of Americans actually achieve their New Year resolutions: it is hard. You are going to hit road bumps and there will be times when giving up seems a lot easier than sticking it out. But no matter what happens, it is extremely important to simply keep believing that you can achieve what you set your mind to.

Do these 4 things and you will be well on your way to joining the 8%.